Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard structure of an association in NL?

In an standard association, there is a board and members. The board and its committees organize a wide range of activities for the members, which changes yearly. Members can participate in the activities, vote on changes to statutes and by-laws, and can apply to become committee- or board members.

Who is a member?

Members of the Association may be natural persons who have reached the age of eighteen (18)-years. Also, members must be affiliated with Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) or other universities, such as students, scientists, staff, employees or be partners of someone who has the aforementioned affiliation.

What rights do members have?

  • Nomination and participation in elections for the board
  • Voting for changes proposed by the board to statutes, by-laws, etc.
  • Applying for committees
  • Participation in activities exclusive to members

Why an association needs info from its members?

The board shall keep a register containing the names and addresses (including email addresses) of all members. All members must be above eighteen (18)-years.

How does Alborz handle information of its members?

Registration of Alborz is public information and accessible via the website of KVK.

You can also contact us if you wish to read it in person at the board’s office.