Our goals

  • Establishing an association with a firm foundation
  • Rebuilding and strengthening the Iranian community
  • Providing support and mentorship for members
  • Multifaceted development of individuals and the community
  • Raising awareness and supporting marginalized groups


20/3 - Nowruz - Persian New Year Eve
3/3 - PubQuiz Night
2/4 - Sizdah be-dar
15/2 - Stress and Anxiety Management

What is D.I.S.A. Alborz?

The Iranian student association, D.I.S.A. Alborz, formerly known as I.S.S.T.U.D., aims to promote and expand the interests of students with an Iranian background and others with a connection to the TU Delft, or interests concerning Iran and Iranian cultures and history. We are a non- profit, non-religious and non-partisan association.

What do we do?

We organize activities, events and conferences that cover a wide range of interests, with consideration for the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of our members. On top of all that, we celebrate ancient traditions of Iran as well, such as Yalda, Nowruz and many more!

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